What are the four types of foodservice jobs?

There are many different types of food service careers available, including kitchen workers, waiters, administrative staff, and restaurant managers. Most kitchens are organized into stations or sections, and each one is responsible for preparing different foods or menu items. All the stations together form what is called the line. Typically, each station on the line has a different name, but job titles often reflect the cook's experience and skills.

This can be a bit confusing. For example, in larger establishments the positions of first cook, second cook and third cook are common, but the skills and qualifications of people with these positions may vary from restaurant to restaurant and, in some cases, may be linked to salary structures within the collective agreement of a syndicate. In addition, many people call themselves chefs when they are actually cooks in a restaurant or someone who has received culinary training. Many employers prefer that they specialize in one type of cuisine, have a diverse portfolio of recipes and ideas, as well as years of relevant experience, especially in leadership positions in the kitchen.

There are many different types of food and beverage service types or procedures, but the main category of food service is dish service, cart service, dish service, buffet service, and family style service. There are typically two types of food management jobs, including a general manager and an assistant manager. Sous chefs generally begin their culinary careers as line cooks and work their way through completing additional training, specializing in one type of cuisine, and taking leadership positions as they progress.

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